Seco Tools UK recognised by Great Place to Work® as one of the UK’s Best Workplaces™ for 2020

Seco employees embody the values of Family Spirit, Personal Commitment and Passion for Customers. Through these values, Seco employees have built a culture of mutual care, wellbeing and respect. This is just one reason Seco Tools UK employees choose to go to work every day.

There are many reasons Seco Tools UK was recognised in this year’s UK Best Workplaces™ ranking along with 161 other UK organisations. Specifically, efforts related to corporate social responsibility, an exceptional work environment and excellent employee engagement set Seco Tools UK apart.

This is the first year that Seco Tools UK has been nominated for this award. We are delighted that Seco Tools UK has been recognised by its employees as an organisation that promotes a healthy workplace culture through trust, pride and camaraderie. According to the Great Place to Work® Trust Index Survey® conducted in October 2019, 89% of employees agree that Seco is a great place to work. One employee says Seco has “great family spirit,” adding “we have the freedom to decide what our best contribution is to the business.”

Understanding the perspective of employees is key to building a successful workplace environment. To determine an organisation’s ranking, Great Place to Work® administers their Trust Index Survey® to employees which represents 3/4 of the final score.

Zoe Wood, HR Manager at Seco Tools UK, explains that employee engagement is “not just about a regular pay cheque, a secure job, having an annual performance review… those things are important, but they are just a starting point.”

She continues: “In 2020, our work means more to us – it’s about feeling a passion for what you do, knowing that your work is developing you as a person, both professionally and personally. It’s about feeling coached and supported, it’s knowing your job is more than just a job – it’s a life choice.”

The remaining quarter of the score comes from the Culture Audit®, a business-driven questionnaire that uncovers and evaluates the organisation’s HR and leadership practices, policies and culture.

About Great Place to Work®
Great Place to Work® UK is a consultancy, specialising in workplace culture, helping organisations to create exceptional, high performing workplaces where employees feel trusted and valued. We help employers improve recruitment, retention and productivity by putting employees at the heart of the rganisation, analysing what they think and feel and identifying the real issues that need to be addressed. Part of a global organisation, we apply data and insights from approximately 10,000 organisations across the world to benchmark individual performance and advise employers on how to continuously improve employee engagement and wellbeing and so help build and sustain business performance. We run the Best Workplaces™ awards to enable the organisations we work with to celebrate their achievements, build their employer brand and inspire others to take action.