Seco Virtual Event Gives Aerospace Manufacturers Viable Solutions to Real-Life Challenges

With the value of collaboration in the pursuit of innovation in mind, Seco and its technical partners hosted Aero Inspiration Through Innovation (ITI) on 23-24 November for aerospace manufacturers. The event drew more than 1,439 registrants. With a focus on the complex issues and trends those manufacturers face, ITI showcased collaborative solutions with real-life machining demonstrations and important conversations about digitalization, automation and sustainability.

Valuable lessons from collaborations The Seco ITI events draw on the company’s global network of partners, bringing together in-house expertise and external knowledge to explore problem-solving possibilities. During Aero ITI 2021, attendees experienced the results of such innovative partnerships and discovered how collaboration can help them find solutions that will drive their businesses forward. This collaborative approach solves ongoing issues found in manufacturing aircraft components, such as the challenges inherent in machining materials like titanium, superalloys and aluminum from billets, forgings and near-net additive manufactured parts.




Attendee feedback
“As always it was a fantastic event to be a part of and we look forward to building on our relationship with Seco,” said event attendee and speaker Andy Dyche from Zoller UK Seco conducted Aero ITI events in English, French and German from the UK, France, Germany and North America. Overall, ITI attracted well over 1,439 individuals to event demonstrations, panel discussions and
seminars covering various key topics.

“We work together with technical partners to solve aerospace manufacturing challenges in new and innovative ways, to celebrate the latest technologies, and to explore future possibilities. Inspiration Through Innovation is our opportunity to share inspiring collaborative solutions with our customers,” said Dave Todd, Innovation Hub Manager at Seco.

Hot industry topics
Aero ITI 2021 demonstrations showcased wire-arc additive manufacturing for Inconel blisks; on-machine broaching instead of using multiple machines; tools and strategies for finishing wing pylons; the automation of aluminum A-frame machining for high material removal rates; additive/subtractive manufacturing of blisks to reduce cycle times and costs; five-axis machining of aluminum structural parts for process security along with less handling; and extrusion machining to eliminate workholding and multiple setups.
Industry panel discussions and seminar topics covered topics relevant to the industry, including digitalization, sustainability and automation.

The live Aero ITI events were completed on 1 December, however these highly useful and informative event
recordings are available on our website through 31 December at