SGS highlight Series 29 Plastic Composite Routers at Paris Airshow

Following its recent launch, SGS Tool Europe will highlight the benefits of its new Plastic Composite Router (PCR) for the aerospace sector. Adding to the company’s high performance composite machining range,  the new Series 29 PCR comprehensive product line is specifically designed for machine routing glass reinforced composite materials, such as fibreglass and G10 epoxy fibreglass laminate, glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) or glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GFRP), as well as most other common plastic and non-metallic materials.

Caption: New Series 29 PCR comprehensive product line is specifically designed for machine routing glass reinforced composite materials



SGS produces this PCR range in a variety of length and diameter options as well as three different end styles; end mill, drill point and plain to meet the needs of manufacturers looking to trim, slot, profile and drill these materials. All sizes and end configurations are available from stock either uncoated or with diamond coating (Di-Namite) for maximum adhesion, superior wear, and significantly increased tool life.

The optional Di-Namite diamond coating is an engineered application process providing maximum adhesion and smooth coating structure. Tolerances are tight for consistent batch to batch results and all Series 29 routers are manufactured from certified raw material substrates, designed for enhanced wear resistance in abrasive non-metallic materials, as well as optimum compatibility with CVD diamond application. Diamond is the longest wearing surface of any material and the extremely high thermal properties protect the cutting edge from excessive heat to extend tool life. It provides a micro-hardness in excess of 8,000 HV and an oxidation temperature of 800°C.

Using the latest in engineering design and grinding capabilities, the new Series 29 Plastic Composite Router is specifically designed for efficiently machining composite materials and most common engineering plastics and non-metallic materials. This PCR has a number of advanced features and benefits compared to existing products designed for this material group. A radial chisel edge design provides better control of the fibre for improved surface finishes and longer tool life than traditional fibreglass router style products.

While the offset gashing of the four-flute mill style end is designed to provide four sharp corners versus the two corners of a conventional fibreglass router. With twice as many effective corners the Series 29 is particularly effective at machining to a right angle.