Solus Testing Ltd. Improve Quality and Accuracy of Weld Testing with Innovatest FALCON from Bowers Group

Looking to keep their service in-line with customer requirements, Solus Testing Ltd. were supplied with an Innovatest FALCON 507 Micro/Macro Vickers Hardness Tester by Bowers Group.

Solus Testing Ltd. is a mechanical and non-destructive testing (NDT) laboratory based in Worksop, Nottinghamshire, carrying out Weld Procedure Qualification Records & Welder Qualification to ASME IX @ BS EN standards, as well as offering material testing for engineering organisations and manufacturers of pressure vessels, rolling stock, bridges, lighting columns, iron and steel founders, power stations, structural steel work and the oil and gas pipeline industries.

For Solus, quality and accuracy are the most important aspect of the service that their customers require. In this particular instance, the FALCON 507 is utilised to to carry out weld testing, allowing confirmation of any changes to the properties that may have occurred during the welding process.

The testing of welds allows users to achieve an indication of two important parameters significant to the determine a successful weld joint, first being its strength and functionality and second, the microstructure of the material. Testing on a weld’s heat affected zones must be particularly precise, usually obtained on a microscopic scale, to ensure absolute safety of the finished product.

The FALCON 500 series provides users with Micro Vickers, Vickers and Micro Brinell hardness testing functions, improving conventional methods by focusing on eliminating user influence on the test results. The unique force actuator system utilises an electronically controlled closed-loop system and advanced force sensor technology to achieve its high accuracy.

With its automatic indent measurement, 2 indenter positions, 4 objective positions, 5mp HD camera and anti-collision system, the FALCON 507 series offer absolute accuracy reliability and repeatability, on each of the forces used for a test.

Solus operate the FALCON in a laboratory setting allowing the hardness testing process to be carried out in a space where external factors cannot affect the results. The machine is in constant use and with its high workload, it is important that the testing instruments can cope with the demand.

The Technicians found the machine easy to operate and they found that the machine copes well with the workload and the results that is produces are both accurate and reliable. Solus ensure that accuracy is achieved by having a Direct Verification calibration carried out on an annual basis, as well as a daily calibration, Indirect Verification, carried out on certified reference material and sent to further test houses for results comparisons to ensure accuracy.

Rob Tinsley of Solus Testing said, “The quality of the results the FALCON 507 achieves is paramount and the effectiveness of our service results, meaning we can assure our customers that if production welding is carried out the same way as the welding test, the product will meet all standards required.”

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