Starrag’s new Heckert H65 four-axis machining centre adds a new dimension to fast, heavy-duty cutting

Starrag’s new Heckert H65 compact horizontal machining centre adds a new dimension to heavy-duty four-axis machining with an unprecedented specification and unrivalled performance for a machine of its class – occupying just 24 m2, the H65 offers machining speeds up to 30 per cent faster than comparable models and can increase output levels by a staggering 80%!

With X, Y and Z axes of 850 mm x 1,020 mm x 1,000 mm and 630 mm x 500 mm twin pallets each able to accommodate loads of 1.5 tonnes (with a pallet-change time of 13 secs), this latest addition to Heckert’s compact H range of cost-competitive machining centres provides traverse rates up to 80 m/min and a standard spindle speed of up to 10,000 revs/min from its 60 kW/450 Nm hollow shaft HSK-A100 spindle – a torque rating that will push carbide tooling to the limit on hard metals.

A motor spindle with a run-up time of just 1 second can be used for machining light alloys such as aluminium cutting.

The Heckert H65 can utilise a wide range of tool magazines and toolchangers; tools up to 22 kgs can be held in a chain/in-line chain magazine, while a tower magazine will accommodate tools up to 50 kgs. Chip-to-chip time of the most dynamic machine variant design is just 3.1 seconds.

As standard, the internal coolant supply delivers up to 100 litres/min at 80 bar through the centr  of the spindle and is programmable via M code.

The machine is constructed using Starrag’s renowned build characteristics based on a thermo-symmetrical structure that guarantees stability, process reliability and long-term precision – traits that engender such an impressive cutting performance.

But user-friendly operation – and a design that enables easy access and efficient servicing – are also at the heart of the new machine.

The modern 24-inch control panel (Fanuc or Siemens CNC) offers multi-touch, intuitive operator guidance via Starrag’s superlative HMI (Human Machine Interface) touch screen, and the control is future-proofed with built-in IO-link technology that allows users to monitor machine status (even individual machine elements) at any time and from anywhere.

In terms of pallet loading, for example, operators can easily rotate the table and with a large opening for overhead crane loading, workpieces can be comfortably clamped. In addition, the integrated chip disposal facility, together with a jet washer, allows workpieces to be quickly cleaned.

The integrated chip conveyor in combination with the automatically rotatable set-up station and the automatic set-up station doors also enable the use of automated loading by robot or a linear magazine, and the Heckert H65 can be easily integrated with existing Heckert HEC machines using the same pallets.

Easy access means the machine’s energy console and service area can be quickly accessed, with any components replaced with minimal machine downtimes. Even the position of the duplex filter on the chip conveyor’s discharge chute has been considered – enabling filter cartridges to be changed during operation.

Like all Starrag machines, the Heckert H65 has not only been designed to suit users’ needs, based on customer feedback, but it can also be configured with a wide range of options to ensure Starrag maintains its ‘Engineering precisely what you value’ mantra. The cost-competitive new machine is also available on short delivery timescales.