Starrett VB300 provides fully functional cost-effective measurement and inspection

Designed to offer an accurate, cost-effective method of measuring and inspecting small components, the recently launched Starrett VB300 is a compact profile projector that has a number of advanced features. The vertical benchtop optical system features a 300mm (12 inch) diameter screen that can be fully viewed to the edge, with crosshairs, calibrations marks and overlay clips it is ideal for the rapid inspection of small components.


Marketing Manager, John Cove, says: “Although the Starrett VB300 has been designed to meet a price break point at around the current market cost for a comparable system, it has been done without compromising quality or functionality.”

With an integrated hood, the Starrett VB300 features an all-metal construction for rigidity, accuracy and longevity. Flat parts up to 5kg can be accommodated on the 225mm by 225mm precision workstage top, which features a 155mm by 155mm toughened glass insert and 100mm by 100mm of high resolution measurement travel. A manual focus range of 100mm ensures every detail of the component being measured remains in sharp relief.

Engineers, technicians and operators can simply ‘plug and play’ the new VB300, which comes as standard with an integral DRO system that allows X and Y linear axis measurements and angular measurements to be made on the screen and read off the LED display located just below. Linear positional feedback comes from precision glass scales with a resolution of 0.001mm, while the digital protractor provides a resolution of 1 minute.

Optionally, customers can upgrade to Heidenhain or Metlogix geometric measurement systems with increased measurement functionality offered, such as edge detection, to match the application. These systems support the functions of measuring, recording, analysing and reporting dimensional data to fully support the inspection and measurement process.

Able to measure a wide range of component sizes the VB300 has a quick-action bayonet fitting single lens mount that can accept a variety of optional precision ground magnification lenses, including 10x, 20x, 25x, 50x and 100x, that take just seconds to change over.

Surface and profile illumination comes from Starrett’s newly developed LED source that not only improves the level and quality of lighting available, but also significantly reduces the heat soak created by traditional tungsten halogen lamps. The robust design of the solid-state LED source also has a predicted service life of more than 5 years, compared to the annual replacement required for tungsten halogen lamps.  Energy consumption is dramatically reduced, providing further benefit to the user, and to the environment in general.

“Optical projectors provide a time tested, cost-effective, solution for non-contact measurement. They are simple to use, yet have great capacity and performance to satisfy an exceptionally wide range of dimensional inspection applications and complex measuring requirements,” states Brian McLay, Starrett Precision Optical Metrology Business Manager.

“At the heart of these systems are precision optics, superb LED based, low consumption, environmentally friendly lighting, and a highly accurate workstage which combine to ensure bright, sharp images and exceptional accuracy. Our vertical systems are ideal when the parts to be measured are flexible or soft, such as plastics, thin stampings or electrical components, that can be placed on the glass insert of the workstage.”


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