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Aerospace Cutting Tool Ltd

Aerospace Cutting Tool Limited can refer to many years of experience in sheet metal industry. Distribution partner for Stampack in United Kingdom.

Founded in 2009, Aerospace Cutting Tool Limited, have established themselves as solution provider to the metalforming sectors including automotive, aerospace, defence, and medical sectors. Collectively, our management team bring over 75 years of collaborative experience to the metalforming market including machine and process design solutions.

More recently we have been chosen as the sole UK representative for Stampack Metalforming Simulation Software which provides “virtual” forming simulation for every tool designer.

Levels of entry products include:

  1. Stampack Xpress
  2. Stampack Advanced

Stampack Xpress is a completely new development and gives small to medium sized companies the inexpensive opportunity to simulate metalforming processes to significantly reduce the costs of tool testing. Its user-friendly interface, with seamless integration into existing design environments and intuitive user guidance, consistently speaks the language of the toolmaker and requires no prior knowledge of the finite element method thus allowing new users to quickly adapt to the powerful world of Virtual Simulation. Major automotive OEMs recognise and accept the forming simulation outcomes and therefore accept Stampack results from their suppliers.

In addition to the more common metalforming processes, Stampack Advanced provides solutions for sheet and profile stretch forming, embossing, thick sheet forming and hydroforming of multi-chamber profiles making it particularly suitable for users who are looking for a complete solution for all forming processes in their company.

Mechanical forming applications include: –

  • General mechanical forming processes and product protection
  • Process simulation of stretch forming applications
  • Process verification of folding applications
  • Forming of thick sheet

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