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Hadleigh Castings Ltd

Established over 45 years ago, Hadleigh Castings are a leading UK aluminium foundry. Their solid reputation expands across all their services, including rapid prototyping, solidification modelling, gravity die casting, and full finish treatments, amongst others.

Established almost 50 years with a long standing reputation as a leading UK aluminium foundry, Hadleigh Castings recognises that its most important asset is its customer. Its first priority, therefore, is to provide value, reliability, manufacturing expertise, advanced technology and quality of product to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

Hadleigh’s aluminium casting technology is comprehensive and includes CAD CAM, Pattern Making, Boxless Sand Moulding, Precision Sand Casting, Gravity Die-Casting, CNC Machining. It has extensive Inspection Facilities, both dimensional and physical, and offers Final Finishing and Assembled Product.

Industries served include: Aerospace, Automotive, Rail, Marine, Motorcycle, Defence, Life Sciences, Communications, Environmental and Test and Measurement.

Services include: Rapid Prototyping, Solidification modelling, Functional Prototypes, Precision Sand, Gravity Die Casting or Fully Machined Castings Laser Scanning, X-ray (Digital), Full Finishing Treatments and Sub Assembly (Mechanical).

At Hadleigh Castings the process begins with its customers with whom it sets the agreed performance criteria. Technical engineers will discuss the proposal and if required will help determine the most appropriate alloy and casting technique to suit the application.

Cast weights range from a few grams to over 300 kilograms with minimal draft angles and wall sections down to 2.5mm, locally.

In 2009 the company became the first aluminium foundry in the world to gain the International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS) accreditation, a standard developed by UNIFE, the independent Association of European Railway Industries. The standard is supported by system integrators, equipment manufacturers and operators.

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