Take part in the AGP Tooling Capability study

The Aerospace Growth Partnership (AGP) is a strategic partnership between the UK Government, industry and other key stakeholders, established to secure the future of the UK aerospace industry in the face of an ever changing, and increasingly competitive global landscape. This partnership is intended as a vehicle to tackle barriers to growth, boost competitiveness and exports and grow the number of high value jobs in the UK.

The AGP is focused on the following themes, each with its own Working Group made up of Industry and Government representatives:

  • UK Aerospace Strategy
  • Manufacturing & Supply Chain Competitiveness
  • Sector Skills
  • Engagement and Communications


As part of the Manufacturing & Supply Chain Competitiveness Working Group, the AGP recently sent out a survey to UK based Aerospace Primes and OEM’s. This survey indicated that there are Gaps in the Tooling supply chain in regards to certain capabilities and capacity for various Tools and Technology Types.

To help support the suppliers, the AGP are seeking to understand the capabilities and gaps in the UK tooling supply chain to enable and support the development of more competitive tooling solutions and offerings from the UK tooling supply chain. Currently OEM’s are perhaps unaware of the tooling capabilities within the supply chain. By completing this survey you will raise awareness amongst OEM’s, which in-turn could lead to you, the supplier, winning new work packages. The following questions are aimed at understanding UK tooling organisations capabilities and challenges. This survey is being administered by the ATI on behalf of the AGP to UK tooling suppliers and participation in this survey is voluntary.

Information received through this survey would be shared with UK aerospace industry and government stakeholders engaged with the ATI and the AGP. The information you provide will be aggregated and anonymised for these purposes by the ATI. Subsequently, this anonymous data will be shared with the AGP Programme Management team and will be used for AGP analysis and external publications.

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