Taking Pride In Staff Training


The impact of Covid-19 on small/medium businesses has been considerable. Whilst some businesses have been able to continue relatively normally, others have struggled with loss of work, resulting in furloughed and/or redundant staff.

It has therefore become even more important to take pride in staff training to ensure that businesses can run smoothly and efficiently when work picks up again. No pain, no gain.

Some staff may need to be retrained after time out or time spent working at home. Alternatively, loss of some staff members could see others carrying out new roles for which they need adequately equipping. PSL Datatrack is offering training as usual via online web-sessions. Our online sessions can be specifically tailored to the needs of an individual or group of employees and there is no limit to the number of sessions that can be arranged. Onsite training will, of course, be available again when it is safe to do so, given social distancing requirements.

Staff may be employed at those companies who have fared a little better during the pandemic, they need training too. Many individuals join their employer because of the development opportunities available; many also leave because they don’t get what they expect. It is important to keep staff happy and confident in what they are being asked to do on a daily basis.

It can cost a business significant amount of money to lose a key member of staff (loss of productivity while their position is vacant, to the cost of finding and training their replacement) but decent training doesn’t need to cost the earth. The functionality of PSL Datatrack production control software is designed with SME’s in mind and the training sessions offered are no different.

Poorly thought out training wastes money, time and effort on all sides. PSL Datatrack recognises and understands the busy nature of its customer’s environments and works closely with them to design a clear training plan suited to the needs of the customer and its employees.

It is impossible to see business benefits and happy staff without putting in the time and effort. Please contact us if you would like training for any of your employees on any particular modules or scenarios in PSL Datatrack. We are only too happy to help!


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