Tebis for CAM Automation with Process Template Library

Tebis offers a specialist process template library for CAM automation, enabling customers to achieve reduced programming time and consistent quality. Tebis CAD/CAM automates selections of machining objects based on elements, layers, colours, names, comments as well as intelligently optimising use of cutting tools and machining parameters such as spindle speeds, feed rates, etc.

With Tebis CAD/CAM software, there are a number of ways of automating your CAM programming. One of the ways is the process template for CAM automation. Tebis software can export any kind of CNC program process and is able to reimport this process, change some basic parameters to replicate the original process but on a completely new component.

Andrew Walters, Technical Engineer from Tebis UK explains: “This is not a new technology, as a number of other software systems are able to do this, but Tebis is able to take this process in a much more technologically advanced way. Tebis software is able to pre-choose the surfaces and the starting stock necessary for manufacture by the way of variable statements within the programming operations. The surface and stock selections are tied directly to a layer, although Tebis has a number of ways to predefine the surface selection such as colour or surface type.”

In essence Tebis is able to make the manufacture of this vacuum fixture as an exercise of organisation of data. If the data is on the correct layers then Tebis will machine the component correctly this means an inexperienced engineer can produce work that is of the same standard and consistency of your experienced programmers leaving your more experienced programmers to get on with higher complexity and higher value work such as optimising CNC  manufacturing processes.

Tebis’ advanced parameter selections in Tebis Templates are able to incorporate the use of feature recognition and the use of NCSets within a machining template making the template package extremely powerful and very flexible.

With Tebis templating method, any processes can be created or changed while the programmer is working. This means that your process is free from the rigidity that comes with templating with other software systems and the user is free to progress and develop the process continuously.

Tebis’ template is set to machine from different angles giving a very complex 3+5 program. Once the CAD work is done Tebis template takes care of all the programming, leaving the programmer to continue on more pressing work. This template method along with Tebis virtual machine technology means that the user can program, for example, the full clay model “hands off” then send the setting data to the machinist who sets the model on the machine and then runs the program unsupervised.

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