Metrology (Equipment & Services)

High Speed Metrology Without Compromise

Bruker’s new Contour LS-K 3D Optical Profiler utilizes LightSpeed™ focus variation technology to uniquely enable both high-resolution images and quantifiable data. The system rapidly captures surface data with a large field of view (FOV) at vertical scanning speeds up to 5 millimeters per second. Data-rich images are displayed in high-resolution and in real color within […]

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University of Manchester offers Nikon Metrology CT facility

In the Henry Moseley X-ray Imaging Facility at The University of Manchester, which was established in 2003, the versatility of Nikon Metrology computed tomography (CT) systems enable staff members to take on commercial projects as well as academic research. The first system to be installed at the university in 2000 was an XT H 225, […]

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Planned Machine Maintenance is an investment not a cost – Starrag UK

Machine maintenance matters, of that there is no doubt, says Starrag UK’s Service Manager, Jim Bradley. “You wouldn’t expect your car to run reliably without regular servicing and the same is true for a machine tool,” he suggests. “The investment in regular maintenance, to ensure the machine is running at optimal levels, is essential and […]

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Moore & Wright Calipers Supplied by Bowers Group Monitor Growth of Critically Endangered Spider Tortoises at Paignton Zoo

Keepers at Paignton Zoo in Devon are using Moore & Wright calipers supplied by Bowers Group to measure the growth and development of Critically Endangered spider tortoises. As the first zoo in the UK to successfully breed the spider tortoise (Pyxis arachnoides), Paignton Zoo are in the process of rearing the youngster, before sending the […]

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Hexagon Launches New Version of HxGN SMART Quality

Latest Release Offers Enhanced Workflow Capability and Equipment Effectiveness Management Tools Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division today announced a new release of its HxGN SMART Quality online quality data and measurement resource management software, the enterprise IT solution designed to help manufacturers utilise aggregated quality data to gain actionable intelligence and insight for process optimisation. Providing a single platform for […]

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Introducing the Starrett HVR-100 FLIP

Vertical and horizontal capability in one system for instant measurement of a variety of applications from stamped to turned parts Simple Intuitive Metlogix M3 software makes it easy to programme a part into the library When the part has been programmed into the library, simply place the part and measure instantly No operator measurement experience […]

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