High Speed Metrology Without Compromise

Bruker’s new Contour LS-K 3D Optical Profiler utilizes LightSpeed™ focus variation technology to uniquely enable both high-resolution images and quantifiable data. The system rapidly captures surface data with a large field of view (FOV) at vertical scanning speeds up to 5 millimeters per second. Data-rich images are displayed in high-resolution and in real color within seconds.

From the first patents issued for Wyko® white light interferometry over 30 years ago to the very latest innovations in optical profiling, Bruker technology has a worldwide reputation as the gold standard in surface metrology performance. Contour LS-K capitalizes on this rich heritage to provide easy access to raw measurement data, allowing the operator to see exactly what is on the surface without filtering or data modification.

Click here to download a full specification brochure on the Contour LS-K Optical Surface Profiler