Manufacturing Tool Kit for the Medical Industry

Prototypes help design teams make more informed decisions by obtaining invaluable data from the performance of,  and    the reaction to, those prototypes. The more data gathered at the design stage of the product development cycle, the better the chances of preventing product or manufacturing issues down the road.

Indeed accelerated prototyping has always been important in medical development, and especially now during the

COVID-19 crisis as designers and engineers create critical medical products to fight the pandemic (see sidebar).

At Protolabs, we produce prototypes for a range of medical devices and other medtech products and assemblies. A well thought out manufacturing strategy greatly increases the chances that a product will pass strict regulatory and compliance standards, launch to the market on time, be accepted, perform reliably, and be profitable. Our services and quality processes ensure you get there faster by leveraging our decades of experience in medical device product development combined with the ability to quickly iterate on designs with our accelerated manufacturing processes.

There are eight ways we can help improve your parts during medical device product development.

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