RUD Tool-Mover Offers Impressive Handling Range 10-64 Tonnes

Safety in Handling Heavy Plant & Injection Moulding Tools:

The RUD Tool-Mover is an innovative handling device that offers ultimate safety when handling heavy plant and injection moulding tools. It provides a range of safety factors both to the operator and the tools being handled. It is equipped with a frequency controlled drive, which ensures an even and smooth drive from start to finish, and it can be stopped in any position securely even if power to the unit is cut.

The Tool-Mover does not need to be bolted to the floor; it can be moved to the appropriate location in the facility by a crane or forklift / pallet truck. It offers a handling weight range starting from 10t, 16t, 20t, 32t to our largest 64 tonnes.

Handling of heavy plant and injection moulding tools can result in damages to the tools and injuries to the operator. Failure to use the correct equipment not only endangers the operator but can end up costing the business due to damaged tools. The Tool-mover offers a crucial safety factor to the operator, whilst helping to reduce costs to potentially damaged tools.

The RUD Tool-Mover has been used across a wide range of industries such as injection moudling and plastics to packaging, automotive, tool construction, punching and bending technology.

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of over 600 lifting and lashing applications, RUD Chains offer a range of products to suit handling and lifting of heavy tools. Their Lifting Equipment offers an impressive lifting capacity of 0.6-250 tonnes and is used across a range of working environments from engineering, heavy handling, plastics, manufacturing, construction, rail and many more.