Tebis CAD/CAM Supports Cloud-based Advanced Tooling Library for CAM Automation

Paul Scally, Operations Manager of Tebis UK, explains why you need Tebis cutting tool library for CAM  automation.

Tebis CAD/CAM software offers a unique cloud-based cutting tool library to store best practice manufacturing information together with 4 other database libraries: Virtual Machines with clamping devices, geometric features associated with machining features, machining cycles and machining processes. Tebis cutting tool library not only stores cutting tool geometry shape information, but also stores advanced machining parameters grouped for different materials and different machine tools as well as different toolholders.


Paul clarifies: “The cutting tool library interacts with all the other libraries and can sit on a server in the cloud for administration and control.  What makes Tebis CAD/CAM different from other software systems is the many more types of manufacturing parameters stored with it and the way Tebis deals with and uses the data.” The advanced manufacturing parameters are organised in machining groups and include spindle speeds, feed rates, step-down feed rates, and corner feed rates, etc. These stored best practice parameters are useful not only to new users but also to experienced users so as that they don’t need to remember the parameters or taking the time to check the cutting tool manuals. Without the advanced cutting tool library, it is quite often that the best practice manufacturing parameters may not always be used so as that machining quality and efficiency may be compromised.

Tebis cutting tool library is capable of storing the exact geometry of cutting tools, tool holders and intermediate tool holders and validate the assembly. This ensures these elements used by the CAM users are correct and available on the shop floor.

With the cloud-based environment, Tebis has the master tool library sitting on the cloud and this is the tool library which is managed by the administrator and the management to ensure consistent uses among all users even across different work shifts and sites. Paul says that Tebis software automatically downloads the latest library data by activating the system and users always work with the latest data. This is beneficial to large and also small installations.

Another advantage of Tebis CAD/CAM is the support for lens cutters and large radius contour cutters. Tebis uses the exact contour of these cutters for toolpath calculation and is capable to accurately simulate residual stocks on the parts when these are used.

When working with Tebis geometry and machining features, cutting tools can be automatically chosen by the software and matching appropriate machining processes including milling, drilling, deep-hole drilling, boring, taping, etc.

Tebis software can also mirror and store the tool tables and magazines for a fixed or random carousel. In this way, cutting tools can be organised into magazines, tool cabinet and special builds. Paul concludes: “Tebis CAD/CAM allow customers to optimise and standardise cutting tools and machining parameters for materials, machines, machining operations and machine groups to achieve the best machining quality and highest efficacy.”

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