The power of four highlighted at Advanced Engineering

Competence brands come together under CERATIZIT Group

CERATIZIT Group has brought together four of the World’s leading competence brands to consolidate and enhance its support for customers from across the engineering manufacturing spectrum. The Advanced Engineering Show will be an opportunity for visitors to experience these brands; Cutting Solutions by CERATIZIT, Komet, Klenk and WNT. Each are market-leaders, but are now being brought together to deliver a much wider range of products, technical know-how and customer support. This combination will take customer support and technical excellence to new levels and, for UK & Ireland-based customers they will be under the auspices of CERATIZIT UK & IRELAND Ltd.

Cutting Solutions by CERATIZIT is an innovator in the development and manufacture of innovative cutting tool solutions covering indexable insert and solid carbide tooling. Customers range from OEMs in the automotive, aerospace, power generation and rail industries, down through their supply chains. Throughout its 95-year history the development of hard materials for cutting tool and wear resistance applications has been at the heart of the company’s innovative strategy.

Komet is a technology leader in the area high-precision drilling, reaming, milling, threading and mechatronic tools. Like other group members it has thrived through innovation and quality, which has placed it at the forefront of developing solutions that are tailored for individual customer requirements, as well as fulfilling the needs of customers that require high-quality premium cutting tool products throughout every stage of the machining cycle.

WNT provides customers with industry leading customer service through its European network of distribution and technical sales subsidiaries. WNT operates in a unique way to ensure that its customers are kept at the forefront of metalcutting efficiency, providing next day delivery on any of the more than 55,000 items in its range, the largest selection in the industry.

Klenk is focussed primarily on the aerospace sector, where it leads the way in rotary cutting tools for drilling, milling, reaming and countersinking applications. Many of its products are custom-designed for individual customers around the world, where it applies its specific knowledge of machining materials such as carbon fibre, titanium, aluminium and steel.

The Ceratizit Group is world-renowned for the development of innovative cutting tool solutions that keep its customers ahead of the competition. This is particularly true for the aerospace sector, where products such as its latest insert grade 5240 is ideal for the machining heat resistant alloys. Across the board, whether it be indexable insert tooling, solid carbide mills, drills and taps that have been specifically developed for aerospace materials such as titanium. Productivity gains are at the heart of all these developments and the combination of high-performance cutting tools, along with industry leading service levels and technical support, ensure that Ceratizit Group customers remain competitive in an increasing demanding manufacturing environment.

“Bringing these four competence brands together under the single umbrella of the Ceratizit Group will deliver significant advantages to customers, as they can now engage with one of the most diverse ranges of cutting tools and workholding from a single point of contact. Customers can also be confident that the already excellent levels of customer support and logistics that they have grown accustomed to will continue to develop, ensuring maximum productivity and cutting tool performance,” Tony Pennington Managing Director, Ceratizit UK & Ireland.