Try out the new WDS CADalog

WDS Component Parts Ltd. has always been at the cutting edge when it comes to simplifying the design and specification process for design engineers and machine builders. It’s now updated its online CAD download facility to include instant downloads of 3D and 2D models for almost every CAD suite in operation today. Visit for free access to CAD models for 20,000+ standard parts and fixturing components.


One of the greatest hurdles when working on a new design project can be finding components which fit to the overall design – without going over the R&D budget or missing deadlines. WDS understands these design pressures, which is why it offers free CAD downloads to all registered users of its website. It’s now updated this facility to make the download process even quicker and ensure that the models are available for every CAD programme currently in operation today.

Users simply need to register online to access models of every standard part in the WDS range. All of the 20,000+ WDS products have a downloadable 3D or 2D drawing. To make sure that everyone can benefit from the tool, WDS has ensured that the 3D files are compatible with 13 different CAD software formats – with a total of 83 different revisions catered for to accommodate older software releases.

Chris Putman, Sales and Marketing Director for WDS, explains: “We know how useful many of our customers find our CAD download, so we wanted to make it available to everyone. Because we can accommodate such a number of CAD packages, we’re yet to come across someone using software that can’t open our drawings. Of course, if we did, we’d be happy to draw up a model for them and have it sent over the same day.

“We’ve also improved the download speed of the drawings, so now most users running on a normal internet connection can download a 3D file in a matter of seconds.”

To make things even easier WDS will shortly be launching an online 3D viewer which will allow site visitors to rotate and view a product from all angles online. As always, once the perfect component has been found, purchases can be made online or by calling the WDS sales team.


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