Uddeholm launches innovative alternative to coating for complex manufacturing demands

The awaited solution to tackle adhesive wear is now here. This new anti-galling solution will exceed expectations delivering to you longer tool life, higher output and shorter time to market.


At Uddeholm we are committed to continued investment in research and development of solution based, high performance tool steels. Therefore, we have recently upgraded one of our existing high performers Vancron 40 to the new Vancron SuperClean making small adjustments to make the best even better, adding more value to your business. 

Uddeholm Vancron SuperClean key benefits:

  • Extremely good galling and adhesive wear resistance
  • Unique low friction properties
  • Offers the possibility to eliminate the use of coatings​
  • High hardness and compressive strength
  • Consistent edge retention
  • Improved machinability