Uddeholm Mirrax 40 – a new product within the Uddeholm Stainless Concept, specially developed for faster tool making

Complicated mould designs are made easy with the new Uddeholm steel grade Uddeholm Mirrax 40. This Mirrax grade is pre-hardened, which eliminates the need for further heat treatment.

Combined with excellent machinability, it will be possible to drastically reduce the lead times for mould manufacturing. In addition, Uddeholm Mirrax 40 is produced using the Electro-Slag-Remelting (ESR) technique in order to achieve a very pure material with first class surface finish properties and higher toughness.

Uddeholm Mirrax 40 is an excellent choice for corrosive and recycled plastics such as PVC or acetates as well as complicated mould designs where heat treatment can cause distortion or dimensional changes. It is also well suited for moulds that require excellent polishability and a very high corrosion resistance.

Uddeholm Mirrax 40 properties:

  • Pre-hardened for faster tool making
  • High purity – excellent polishability
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • High toughness


Part of Uddeholm Stainless Concept

Uddeholm Mirrax 40 is a part of Uddeholm Stainless Concept, a group of metallurgically optimized steel grades. These grades have been specially developed and continually improved to meet the demands of today’s fast changing plastic moulding industry.