Getting Connected NEW Universal Controller Launched by Orlin Technologies


NEW Universal Controller Launched
ORLIN Technology’s range of SMAC actuators are ideal for automation thanks to their high speed, precision, soft-land technology for delicate parts and closed-loop positioning. However, as a stand alone product they have limited connectivity options. This, combined with the rising popularity of fieldbus systems, prompted ORLIN to develop a NEW Universal Controller.

Our new controller is available with:
Modbusalso PROFINET is coming soon

The Universal Controller drives the whole range of SMAC single and multi-pole actuator models up to 5
amps. They will also drive brush or brushless servo motors and are available in a stepper motor version.
If you would like to find out more, receive a datasheet or arrange for a no-obligation demonstration of the
Universal Controller, please get in touch! or 01525 306100.

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