Using dragon power to tackle steel components: Lots of new products in the Up2Date catalogue from CERATIZIT

The new Up2Date supplementary catalogue from machining specialist CERATIZIT focuses on the high-performance Dragonskin coatings. If you are looking for fresh solutions for turning stainless or high-alloy steels or need drill reamers for short processes, then the new edition is for you!

ISO-M redesigned: Process-secure turning of stainless steels

If you need materials that are extremely resistant to aggressive ambient conditions, especially corrosion, then austenitic stainless steels are practically a given. They are very tough, making them a formidable opponent for machine operators. But CERATIZIT is armed and ready with two new cutting material grades for this segment and thanks to the Dragonskin coating has a perfectly armoured trio ready for battle. In addition to the proven CTPM125, the more wear-resistant CTCM120 and the tougher CTCM130 for interrupted cuts under challenging conditions now round off the range – for maximum process security and lower reject rates. Thanks to the Dragonskin coating, both grades are high performers and process-secure.

In cutting trials, the CVD-coated, highly wear-resistant CTCM120 cutting material grade shines when turning austenitic stainless steels such as V2A (e.g. 1.4301) and V4A (1.4545) thanks to high cutting speeds and extended tool life. Compared to the competition, increases in tool life of over 50% are possible. All three grades are available as negative indexable inserts in three chip breakers as well as positive indexable inserts in two chip breakers. “Together with the different coating technologies for the grades – PVD and CVD – we can respond perfectly to the pre-treatment of the material to be machined,” says Product Manager Stefan Karl.
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From zero to H7 in just one operation

It might sound a bit like wishful thinking – spot drilling, drilling and reaming to a tolerance of H7 in just one operation – but the WTX Feed BR drill reamer really can do all this. The highly efficient solid carbide drill reamer for steel and cast iron machining is, as yet, unique in this regard. Three effective cutting edges allow for higher cutting data, improve the centring and positioning and considerably shortening cycle times. They also improve the cylindricity and roundness of the holes, as can be seen in the diameter deviations of just 0.013 mm. Due to the new cutting edge geometry, the WTX Feed BR can even be used with lower cutting forces and achieves maximum accuracy and surface quality. Thanks to the proven DPX14S Dragonskin coating, a TiAlN nanolayer, the drill reamer is highly wear-resistant, thus CERATIZIT helps to streamline and improve customers’ production processes further. Find out more at:

Maximum performance, layer by layer

Sometimes it is all about the right combination: If one layer alone does not yield the desired result, several layers with different properties can form an unbeatable combination that can solve the problem. Such as the new CTCM245 grade, which was specially developed for machining high-alloy steels. A very tough substrate, an Al2O3 layer, a compound layer and a TiCN layer ensure optimum performance, especially for dry machining. This effectively prevents thermal shock. At the same time, the CTCM245 is highly temperature resistant, which means that higher cutting speeds can be achieved while reducing flank and crater wear when machining high-alloy steels. In application ranges that require reliable processes, a long service life and strong performance, the CTCM245, coated with the latest CVD technology, impresses across the board. Find out more at

These and many more highlights will be available from stock when the Up2Date catalogue is published on September 21, 2020. Are you interested in a specific product? Request your copy now from your personal CERATIZIT contact, or by calling the free service line on 0800 921 0000.

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