WDS Machine Levelling Feet Include Specialty Plating For Harsh Environments

A comprehensive range of adjustable machine levelling feet is available from WDS Component Parts, the Leeds-based manufacturer of standard parts, machine accessories and workholding components. With a wide range of sizes and styles to suit most application demands, the range also include nickel plated designs for added corrosion protection.

Levelling feet

A comprehensive range of adjustable machine levelling feet is available from WDS Component Parts to suit most application demands

Most machines, whatever their use and environment, need to be installed so that they are level. In some cases, this is critical and high accuracy must be achieved; in others it is less important, and a tolerance measured in millimetres may be acceptable.

WDS levelling feet, or machine mounts as they are also known, are threaded so can be adjusted to ensure the working parts of the machine they are supporting are level. They can be supplied with the addition of a swivel joint to support the pads, which allows them to rotate in all directions and thus sit firmly on floors that are not completely even or which are sloping.

To meet all the different needs from such a wide range of potential users, WDS has developed a full range of levelling feet that encompasses different sizes, styles and materials of construction. For instance, they can be supplied with plastic rather than steel pads which won’t mark or damage floors and which absorb a degree of vibration. For applications where exposure to harsh chemicals is likely, WDS offers products with special plating. Zinc plated steel is available as standard, with nickel plated steel or stainless steel (grade 303, 304 or 316) for harsh and/or clean environment applications.

As with all WDS products the machine feet are designed to be high quality, superior performance and excellent value for money. The number of different feet available means users can be confident that WDS has the ideal option for any application. The range is available in a wide range of sizes, from 40mm pad diameter to 100mm pad diameter, while the stems can have metric or imperial threads.

The full range is available to view of the company’s website,, where drawings and CAD models are also available for free download. With their selection made, customers can move seamlessly to order online. A help line is also available and WDS prides itself that dispatch is always prompt and accurate.

WDS products are manufactured to internationally recognised and accredited quality standards that are regularly and independently audited. If your requirement is not ‘off the shelf’ WDS offers a bespoke, in house design and manufacturing solution.

All this is backed up by a team of knowledgeable experts who can assist at every stage from product selection and specification, to manufacture, order and dispatch.

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