WNT highlights machining savings at Advanced Engineering

WNT will use its attendance at Advanced Engineering (stand N22) to highlight the major cycle time savings that can be achieved using its solid carbide circular segment milling cutters in conjunction with Open Minds hyperMILL MAXX Machining CAM software.  Launched recently at a presentation at Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, these cutters can deliver cycle time reductions of 90 per cent in finish machining operations on five-axis machines. These reductions are compared to using more conventional ball-nose cutters and milling techniques for machining pockets and deep walled components, typically found in the aerospace and mould and die sectors.

In addition to reducing cycle times, the circular segment cutters can also deliver surface finish improvements as the extremely large, effective, radius of the cutters enables greater step-over distances to be achieved. In comparison, a typical ball-nose cutter would have a step-over distance (or axial depth of cut) of around 0.5 mm achieving surface finish of Ra 1.22 micron. With the circular segment cutters the step-over can increase to 1.5 mm, with surface finish measuring Ra 0.46 micron. Typical cutting data for a 6 mm diameter circular segment cutter with three flutes machining tool steel (1.2312) will be 300 mm/min surface speed, 16 m/min feedrate and an axial depth of cut (ap) of 1.5 mm and radial depth of cut (ae) of 0.2 mm.  Another advantage is that the machining strategy allows hard to reach planes on a component to be machined, such as deep walls in a pocket on an airframe or mould tool that would be impossible to reach for conventional end-mills.

Visitors to the WNT stand can also discuss a number of other tooling developments, including the new sliding head tooling range, which has its own dedicated catalogue, containing over 11,000 items, 5000 of which are brand new to the WNT range and offer significant advantages to those using sliding head machine technology. This catalogue is a one-stop-shop for all things sliding head tooling related and key product inclusions are: solid carbide slitting saws, new grades for DECO-style tools, an extensive range of guide bushes and collets as well as the brand new XHeadClamp system of interchangeable tools, that allows inserts or styles of tool to be changed in less than five seconds, with guaranteed positioning of the cutting edge, saving valuable production time.

Milling other than the circular segment tools is also well catered for with the newly introduced MonsterMill PCR UNI range of solid carbide milling cutters. The Monstermill PCI UNI excels at rough and finish milling and is extremely adept at vertical plunge milling. With four cutting edges it has a significant advantage over conventional plunge milling cutters, as it can achieve feed rates that are up to a third higher. For ramping/plunging, slotting and profiling operations feed/tooth rates of up to 0.137 mm/rev are also possible.

WNT’s technical Sales engineers will also be on-hand to discuss specific applications and intelligent machining strategies, such as Trochoidal milling, which is helping customers to dramatically reduce cycle times.  Using the latest in cutting tool technology, such as WNT CCR cutters and modern CAM systems Trochoidal milling achieves the optimum machining process to deliver significant savings of time and money. This is particularly the case in applications where large volumes of material are to be removed, or in machining deep slots or high flanks.  Tool costs are also impacted in a positive way through the design of tools, such as WNT’s CCR

cutters for trochoidal milling. Tool design allows greater flute length to be achieved without loss of performance with tool wear, in relation to the volume being machined, distributed across this increased flute length, making these tools highly cost-effective.

“These latest developments are part of WNT’s ongoing commitment to customer support and service that leads to improved productivity and profitability for our customers,” says Glenn Stanton, WNT’s UK & Ireland Sales Manager. “The combination of our high precision tools, toolholding and workholding with our market leading logistics and customer support continues to give our customers a competitive edge.”