WNT makes tool selection easier with two new data platforms

WNT announced at AMB Stuttgart (13 – 17 September) that tool selection for its customers will become even easier as it joins forces with two leading Industry 4.0 aligned tool data platforms. By using the tooling data stored on the Tools United and Machining Cloud applications it is claimed that selecting and assembling tool sets can be reduced by up to 75 per cent.


By accessing these platforms customers can quickly collate all of the relevant tooling information they need by inputting basic criteria, or if known the WNT article numbers. Once collated this data can be downloaded as a 3D model into CAM, simulation, and tool management systems, where it can be verified and used to qualify machining programs as all of the stored data complies with ISO 13399, the industry norm for cutting tools, toolholding and workholding systems. In addition to dimensional data users can also see images of the tools selected for visual reference along with specific product features. The data is cloud-based and will be constantly updated to ensure the latest information is available to users 24/7.

It is free to register with both systems and users can choose which one they prefer as the interfaces differ slightly. Machining Cloud ( requires the App to be downloaded to an Android device, Apple device or, desktop PC. With Tools United ( users simply access it through their web browser.

“These two tool data platforms are another example of how at WNT we are aiming to simplify and speed up the tool selection process. This is the beginning of a new drive for efficiency and we will be investigating how we can interface our entire catalogue of tools with other systems in the future,” says Tony Pennington, Managing Director, WNT (UK)