WTX-180 drills bring a different approach to hole production

WNT’s WTX-180 solid carbide drills are shaking up the way in which its customer view hole production thanks to the novel drill geometry and versatility that this delivers. By forsaking the traditional drill point for a specially designed 180 ° point the WTX-180 drills are able to drill through, flat-bottomed, counterbored and cross holes with ease. The WTX-180 is even more adaptable as it can drill directly into inclined faces of up to 45 degrees.

WNT-WTX-180 Drill (MR)

In addition to the WTX-180 drill series’ ability to drill into inclined faces; it also has no issues with exiting holes on curved or angled surfaces. The drills achieve this by virtue of the square approach of the new four-facet geometry and the precision ground K-land on the outer edge of the flute. The accuracy of this precision ground cutting edge along with the highly polished flutes guarantees a stable cutting action, enabling holes to tolerance of H7 to be produced by the drill alone.


Cutting data isn’t compromised to achieve this precision finish and positional accuracy, with typical data when machining steel (<800N/mm2), is surface speed 80m/min without through coolant (up to 120 m/min with through coolant) and 0.18mm/rev feedrate based on a 10 mm diameter drill. Further productivity gains are made by the elimination of pre-drilling operations, where traditionally a slot drill would have been used to start a hole on an inclined face, this is now obsolete, The WTX-180 drills eliminates the need for these additional tools saving valuable cycle time by removing unnecessary tool changes and drilling cycles, and also reducing tooling costs.


WTX-180 drills are available in two standard lengths, these being 3x diameter and 5x diameter, with size increments of 0.1 mm between 3.00 mm and 12 mm with a selection of popular sizes between 12 and 20 mm.


Users can maximise the performance and accuracy of the WTX-180 by combining it with Centro-P, WNT’s precision collet system that provides high performance toolholding solution for applications including milling, drilling, and precision reaming. Centro-P chucks feature guaranteed radial accuracy of better than three micron when combined with WNT’s Precision ER collets, and with clamping forces of up to 200Nm process security is also improved.


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