ZEISS worked with Reliance to integrate three new DuraMax automated shop floor CMMs

As part of a major technology investment programme, specialist engineering company Reliance Precision embarked on a project to further expand its measurement and inspection facilities. In a fully-tailored solution comprising of both equipment and software, ZEISS worked with Reliance to integrate three new DuraMax automated shop floor CMMs, adding to their existing enhanced accuracy PRISMO navigator bridge-type CMM.

Reliance Precision













David Torr, Head of Metrology at Reliance was in charge of leading the investment project at the company:

Within a week of the DuraMax systems being delivered, they were installed and being used in production. The measurement programs had already been written for our existing PRISMO, so we simply transferred this to the DuraMax. This was one of the key reasons why we favour the ZEISS CALYPSO software. 

Since having the DuraMax systems installed, we have reduced our staff and manufacturing downtime, as there is no longer a need to stop production and walk down to the measuring room. Instead, the measurements can now be taken directly in the working environment and we can keep the machines running. 

Furthermore, having the new DuraMax machines out on the shop floor has also given us lots of positive feedback from our customers. It is very visually impressive in the fact that we can simply take a job off, measure it on the DuraMax and put it back onto the machine if required. 

Having ZEISS CMM systems installed has made a difference to our business in many ways and I would definitely recommend ZEISS as a systems provider.”