Alicona now offer 3D Optical Surface Metrology for large, heavy or flexible, objects up to 1m Square

Alicona, the market leader in Optical Metrology and 3D Surface Metrology have increased their surface metrology range with a large platform measurement solution based on their FocusVariation technology. Alicona

It uses the current, high performance and best in its class, version 5 measurement sensor head. This head is mounted on a gantry fitted onto a large flat platform up to 1m square on which objects to be measured are placed.

This stage can accept weights up to 200Kg and the system will provide local high resolution feature and finish measurement on the surface.

The system also has the option to be fitted with a vacuum table which allows the accurate surface measurement of flexible/unstable objects. Examples of this would be print plates, foil products and large sheets of printed security material.

This can be used with the Alicona Automation manager to allow measurements to be made without human intervention and variability ensuring consistent, accurate and traceable results. In this mode users have rights to control users to specific tasks.

Used in conjunction with the Alicona measurement suite the system can be used to measure features, such as topographic “Z” data, XY data, small radii plus surface finish on part components. Also, 3D form measurement allows the dimensional clarification of cones, angles, cylinders and volume, ideal for the print industry.

Measurement capabilities (depending on optical magnification) include height steps down to 20nm, height range up to 16mm, Ra values down to 0,08µm, software is included for surface finish and profilometry.

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