A Revolution In The Evolution of Starrag’s Droop & Rein Portal / Overhead Five-Axis Gantry Milling

Starrag has announced a world first in Droop + Rein vertical milling centres with the launch of three new machines – led by the revolutionary FOGS HD “which takes heavy-duty cutting to the next level” – and the evolutionary NEO update of four existing series machines.

The result is that the Droop + Rein portal, gantry and overhead gantry milling portfolio now leads the world in offering from a single-source the complete spectrum of large vertical five-axis milling solutions, from high-speed through to heavy-duty cutting, to users across Starrag’s focused industry sectors of aerospace, energy, transportation and industrial.

The new developments and updates involved all existing machine designs and now complete the Droop + Rein product range of large vertical milling centres:

Overhead gantry design – the new FOGS HD and updated FOGS NEO/N40 machines;

Floor-guided gantry design – the new GS and GFS NEO/N40 models, complementing the existing up to 201 hp G and GF series;

Portal design – the updated TS and TFS NEO/N40 machines adding to the existing T and TF models that boast 201 hp spindle power and 12,000 Nm machining capability.

The revelations are headed by the new FOGS HD machine which, says Starrag, takes heavy-duty cutting to the next level by combining the dynamism and precision of overhead gantry machining with the output of rigid portal/gantry milling.

Following Starrag’s philosophy of modular design, this machine with hydrostatic guideways can be supplied with a choice of control systems, table configurations, milling heads, tool changing system and spindles – rated up to 134 hp/7,500 Nm – to satisfy even the most demanding tasks asked of its expansive X, Y and Z axes travels of 31,000 mm, 6,000 mm and 2,500 mm, respectively. Feed rates are 40 m/min in X and Y, and 20 m/min in Z.

Droop + Rein’s evolutionary update of its proven milling technologies is exemplified by the machines with the NEO designation, and it includes a new rack and pinion drive system for the ram (Z axis) and an integrated C axis design of +/- 400° using a torque drive.

The enhancements to the NEO machines’ main milling drive – which utilises the multi-functionality of a 53.6 hp main spindle drive and head change, and are designated as N40 models – include a new main drive motor and two-stage gearbox that can now be extended to 80.5 hp and 1,800 Nm in S6 mode.

These new design features will be implemented into the renowned FOGS and the updated TS/TFS machining centres, and the integration of these attributes into the new GS/GFS floor-guided gantry machines completes the comprehensive range of machine choices now available.

With these latest developments, users can now cherry pick the perfect Droop + Rein machine with all manner of machine features and automation aids to suit their individual needs, in line with Starrag’s strategy of ‘Engineering precisely what you value’!

Machine construction of the complete series follows Droop + Rein’s/Starrag’s renowned principles for a high-quality, rigid build quality resulting in ultra-consistent performance (accuracy and longevity).

This is complemented by a wide choice of milling heads (over 300 different styles/ratings are available) which the Droop + Rein technology and application experts use to configure machines exactly to meet current and future applications. Professional project management ensures a smooth and timely start to production.

Once in production, machine data are harnessed by Starrag’s in-house developed Integrated Production System for real-time feedback of machine status and performance, in line with Industry 4.0 principles.

Download the PDF here