AHP Merkle cylinders are well known in the mould and toolmaker industry for their high quality and reliability

However the cylinders are used in many other industries from special purpose machines to test rigs and machine tools. Cytec Systems explain further.

Where high forces are required hydraulic cylinders come into their own but require a separate hydraulic power supply, together with valves and hoses.

In cooperation with EH-D, AHP Merkle have developed an electro hydraulic cylinder. This is a hydraulic cylinder with its own built in power supply. This offers rapid movement and control with high force. Power is only used when it is required. Burst or leaking hoses are a thing of the past due to a fully encapsulated system that is extremely wear resistant.  Making them suitable for clean room or in food production applications.

Units can be supplied with integrated position sensors or pressure sensors and due to the stick-slip free cylinder construction, the accuracy is only dependent on the sensor resolution.

There are 3 standard models :

e-ahp BASIC

For fast small strokes. Punching, bending, cutting, pressing etc. also for positioning tasks. Very direct drive without valve technology.

e-ahp PROVE

secures your process with high repeat accuracies. Ideal for test bench applications.


Where speed and high forces are required.

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