AMRC at KYOCERA SGS Best Practice in Aerospace Machining “Lunch and Learn”

Two machining experts from the University of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) with Boeing will present the latest technical developments in the use of titanium and nickel alloys for aerospace applications at a Best Practice in Aerospace Machining meeting to be held at the KYOCERA SGS headquarters in Wokingham on 25th January from 10.00am.



Caption: The KYOCERA SGS Lunch and Learn will include live machining demonstration susing the Waveform toolpath strategy from Edgecam on the Grob G350 universal 5-axis machine


The “Lunch and Learn” event, which is supported by WEAF (West of England Aerospace Forum), will also feature a tour of the extensive facilities for tooling manufacture and coating at KYOCERA SGS, plus a live machining demonstration showing the latest KYOCERA SGS tooling cutting a titanium aero-structure part on the Grob G350 universal 5-axis machine in the Wokingham showroom.  Staff from Grob’s UK subsidiary will be present at the event to answer any questions on the range of equipment available from the German machining centre manufacturer.


Also attending will be representatives from tool-holding solution companies, Showa and MST; CADCAM software provider, Edgecam; CG Tech, developer of the Vericut simulation software; and NC part program specialist, LMg Solutions.


Following lunch, visitors to the Open House will be able to pre-book 30-minute slots, between 2.00pm to 5.00pm, with members of the KYOCERA SGS technical team to discuss their machining challenges.  If opportunities are found to tackle the problem, the visitor will be able to arrange a more in-depth Process Optimisation Audit by the team on their site.  The Audits follow a systematic approach that will determine whether improvements can be made to machining practices that will increase productivity and profitability.


The AMRC was established in 2001 as a collaboration between the University of Sheffield and the aerospace giant, Boeing.  In the fifteen years following, it has expanded rapidly on the Advanced Manufacturing Park in South Yorkshire.  It has helped many manufacturing businesses to become more competitive through the application of new techniques, technologies and processes.  KYOCERA SGS is a Tier One partner of the AMRC and works with the organisation to develop more efficient machining methods using the latest developments in tooling technology.


The two speakers at the KYOCERA SGS Open House will be James Needham, who has spent more than ten years at the AMRC and is now Head of Machining Applications, and Chris Bellamy who has worked at the AMRC as a Project Engineer specialising in the machining of titanium since graduating in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Liverpool.


“At the AMRC, we get to work with a lot of different companies that are machining a variety of components,” commented Mr. Bellamy.  “This diversity gives us a unique perspective on the challenges posed, and the solutions available, in applications across the aerospace industry.”


Both of the presentations will cover the overall status of machining in the aerospace industry and the latest technology that is available to increase machining productivity and profitability.  Mr. Needham will describe progress in the machining of nickel alloys, particularly for aero-engine components, while Mr. Bellamy will describe research into machining of titanium parts for aero-structures.


Visitors can register for the “Lunch and Learn” event on the WEAF website at


For further information on the KYOCERA SGS Lunch and Learn event, please contact:-

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