Bowers Group Introduces new Verisurf 3D CAD Inspection Software to UK & Ireland

Bowers Group is pleased to announce the launch of the new Verisurf 3D CAD Inspection Software in the UK and Ireland. Offering a direct connection to Trimos Portable Arms and the C Line Series of portable CMMs, the Verisurf software provides a 3D measurement platform for manufacturing inspection and reverse engineering.

Verisurf 3D metrology applications are used for quality inspection to verify design intent, but also for tool building, guided assembly, and much more. The software allows manufacturers to overcome many challenges such as complying with customer quality requirements, confirming conformance to design specifications, as well as automating and verifying the manual inspection process.

UK Sales Director for Bowers Group, Martin Hawkins, said: “Verisurf provides manufacturers with 3D measurement requirements that assure product quality, reduce waste, and improve business profitability. It’s ideally suited to the most common manufacturing challenges, and with its integration with our Trimos portable arm and C Line range, we’re certainly expecting this software to be popular.”

This innovative software increases the CAD inspection capability of the Trimos Arm, alongside the ability to offer Trimos Arm 3D laser scanning solutions that were previously unavailable. It can also build a CAD model from a physical part with its reverse engineering capabilities and is composed of integrated metrology modules offered in specific combinations or single product suites.

Verisurf uses a windows-standard interface and opens all popular CAD file formats, as well as working with all CMMs, including portable arms, CNC CMMs, laser trackers and projectors, scanners, and photogrammetry systems.

The Inspection Suite is cost-effective and is simple to expand as needs increase. With its easy to learn and easy to use interface, the software enables users to quickly verify finished parts against normal 3D data or blueprints. Complete first article inspection also allows for meaningful reports to be generated in seconds using a variety of business presentation formats.

The 3D Scanning & Inspection suite integrates Verisurf’s CAD, measure and analysis modules, and the unique CAD-based architecture can read any file format, interoperate with any common portable CMM, and has the most flexible reporting capabilities available. The flexible best-fit options reduce scrap and re-work and the ability to memorise steps creates a reusable inspection plan.

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