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The term World Class is widely abused in industry and companies frequently claim to be World Class without justification. GTMA recognises the need to set high standards and considers a “master” world class toolmaker to be one that scores 4 in every standard and a total greater than 90% from the profile.It is envisaged that initially few companies could achieve these levels and that they are goals to strive for. Achieving scores below 90% does not imply that a company is unable to supply excellent tools. Toolmakers scoring 3 in every standard or a total greater than 60% will have excellent toolrooms and sound management structures. However, there should be no room for complacency, as companies will continue to improve until 90% becomes the industry norm.

GTMA has defined three levels within the scoring system:


Companies whose scores are below 60% should be actively using the GTMA World Class Toolmaker Profile as a development tool to achieve Principle status and above.

39 Steps to Excellence

The GTMA World Class Toolmaker Profile represents the GTMA’s biggest step yet in putting the performance of the UK toolmaking industry ahead of its international competition.The third edition of the GTMA’s World Class Toolmaker Profile contains 39 Steps to World Class Excellence. These are designed to give toolmakers benchmarks of operational performance, which reflect the GTMA’s recognition that high standards are essential if UK toolmakers are to compete in world markets. Ultimately, toolmakers should be looking to achieve “world class” toolmaker status by scoring over 90% from the Profile’s rating system.

The DTI has backed the GTMA’s World Class Toolmaker Profile, underlining its importance at a time when global sourcing of tooling by industry is significantly increasing.The new Profile represents completely rewritten standards for toolmakers that have been established following in-depth research since the publication of the previous profile. Chairman Mike Dunn headed the GTMA’s World Class Toolmaker Panel: “The GTMA will continue to drive the industry’s improvement through setting world class standards and measuring the industry’s progress against them.

The GTMA Chief Executive and Mike Dunn of Portway Tool & Gauge Ltd introduced the launch and gave an overview of the World Class Toolmaker Profile. An industry perspective of toolmaking was provided by Mike Wenlock, Purchasing Director of Nokia Ltd, whilst the Toolmakers’ viewpoint was discussed by Mike Bourne, Managing Director, Bourne Tools & Co Ltd. Other speakers included Keith Curtis, Tooling Manager for Dyson Appliances and Richard Taylor, Supplier Development Manager, Concord Sylvania.

Have you climbed the 39 Steps?

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GTMA Members adopt World Class Profile

“To anyone who is considering adopting the World Class Toolmaker Profile but is nervous or unsure, we would urge them to adopt it wholeheartedly.”

Typical of the comments received from toolmaking companies who are GTMA members.

“It is the finest marketing tool available to the industry and allows a company to demonstrate, objectively to it’s customer base the improvements which have occurred in a business year-on-year basis.”

Many companies may feel that their facilities / procedures are to a higher standard than those depicted in the profile, if this is the case use it to your advantage, show customers that this is the minimum standard recommended by our trade association and then prove how your own procedures exceed the standard. Many support the WCTP and encourages GTMA members and non-members to do the same. If your company is currently undecided on the benefit of the profile, please take advice:-

Adopt it, Implement it and Use it


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