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Whether you are buying or selling a business there will key areas which need to be identified and dealt with.  So exactly what are the key areas?

To some extent, it depends on the type business as the due diligence used by a buyer will vary. For example, a manufacturing business will have a critical supply chain and facilities with specialised production techniques and processes, whilst in service based businesses, customer relationships are more likely to be key.

When selling a business it is vital to understand what information the buyer is likely to need and to plan in advance as part of an overall Exit Strategy.

As a starting point, Stirling, Business Transfer Specialists provides a FREE GUIDE for buying or selling your business successfully which sets out some of the main points to understand and consider, based on over fifteen years’ experience of selling businesses.

Stirling’s web site at also provides you with a useful source of information covering business valuations, exit strategies, management buy-outs, buying & selling businesses etc

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