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Employment Law – our employment law partner

Our Employment Law and staff management partners is human resource specialist, one of the UKs leading online HR and employment support services.

Managing workplace issues and ensuring that your business is always up to date with the latest changes in employment legislation, can be challenging and time consuming.

As a GTMA member, however, you are entitled to free HR help, guidance and advice whenever you need it, thanks to our association’s long‐standing relationship with HR specialist HR:4UK.

Support available as part of your GTMA membership includes unlimited telephone and email access to HR:4UK’s team of professional and experienced HR advisers. You will also be able to take advantage of e‐Connect – HR:4UK’s sophisticated yet user‐friendly employee administration management software.

As part of its service, HR:4UK will carefully craft an employment contract for you which is tailored to your business needs.  This contract template, located within your secure area on the online portal eConnect, allows you to add employee details such as name, job title and renumeration for each member of staff and can be used time and time again.

Additionally, HR:4UK also provides all GTMA members with an online employment handbook   containing all mandatory policies, rules and procedures. This handbook is accessible from any web enabled device, (PC, tablet and mobile phone), and staff can view their employment contract within it.

Should you require a higher level of HR support and advice, you can upgrade your service and receive a 60% discount on HR:4UK’s standard rates.

Members who choose this option will be able to get additional employment contract templates for different types of employees as well as specialist or extra policies written into their online employee handbook.

By upgrading you will also be protected by HR:4UK’s unique guarantee which provides you with free legal representation in the event of an employee dispute escalating to an employment tribunal.

The partnership arrangement with HR4UK means free and/or preferential services are available covering a wide range of employment issues including:

  • Contracts of Employment
  • Employment documents (e.g. offer letter, letter calling for disciplinary hearing etc)
  • Document drafting service
  • Employment Tribunal administration service
  • Staff dispute resolution service
  • Automated employment law reminder service

For further information about this service and to receive your access code please contact the GTMA office on +44 (0)121 392 8994 or email

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