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Increasingly, the engineering sector across the board has been suffering from a shortage of skilled engineers and technicians coming into the industry.  This has been exacerbated by the well- documented ageing workforce problem in the engineering sector.  Larger companies, such as Bentley, BMW Mini, Jaguar Land Rover, and many others are able to attract a large number of high quality applicants due to the attraction of their brand and success of their product and manufacturing facilities.  Many suppliers to these well-known brands find it harder to attract candidates for their vacancies and apprenticeships.

For any organisation wishing to recruit, the time commitment, processes and HR support – and therefore investment – can also present a challenge. It can take months to find the right candidate – if they are found at all, which can leave businesses unable to build their current and future workforces.

As a result;

  • Large numbers of high quality candidates are not able to access the relatively small number of places on OEM’s programmes. Having raised their interest in a career in engineering it is a great waste not to be able to introduce them to the many exciting opportunities that exist in the wider engineering sector.
  • Engineering businesses – large and small – may be put off the idea of recruiting apprenticeships as they have not historically been able to access easily support for their recruitment with such a large number of high quality candidates.

The solution

The Automotive Apprenticeship Matching Service was established by the Automotive Industrial Partnership (IAP)  to help develop a skilled workforce for the future.

The aim is to redirect high quality talent from over-subscribed automotive apprenticeship programmes to other companies within the sector that have similar opportunities.

By actively working with both employers and candidates, our mission is to ensure that talent is harnessed and retained within the automotive and engineering industry. We do this through our dedicated team; working with businesses to help guide them through the wide range of high quality programmes and providers as well as supporting their specific recruitment needs.

The Process

We are a social enterprise and must be able to demonstrate positive social impact as a result of our work.  Here are the benefits we aim to achieve,

Increase skills and future talent for UK engineering

Reduce supply chain recruitment costs and HR resource demands

Greater cross-industry collaboration and stronger links with supply chain

Retain talent within the automotive & engineering sector

Maximise career opportunities for young people

Streamline and improve candidates’ experiences

Create a self-sustaining system with potential to benefit wider skills priority areas

Benefits to employers of apprentices

Employers should be able to recruit an apprentice easily and with confidence. We are here to make that process as simple and effective as possible. We will support every step of the way, from job description, to choice of programme, recruitment of the best candidates and guidance during the apprenticeship programme.

Save time – time frame reduced due to our well refined recruitment process and easily searchable database of potential engineering apprentices.

Easier – Consultation and advice on taking on an apprentice and choosing the correct training programme and provider

Quality applicants – Access to high calibre of applicant through the matching service.


For Further Information Contact Bobby Hayter on 07599 002048 or mail

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