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We have teamed up with GovGrant the UK’s leading innovation funding specialists to ensure our members receive their full entitlement to R&D Tax Credits, Patent Box and Capital Allowances.

Key facts about how our members can benefit:

  • The average SME R&D Tax credit claim is £61,000 pa. and most members are likely to qualify
  • Even if the products patented element is minor 100% of the income should qualify for Patent Box that significantly reduces your tax liability
  • The main form of tax relief for capital expenditure on commercial property are Capital Allowances and it takes a specialist eye to maximise what is available


GovGrant have a dedicated, highly specialised team who focus solely on innovation incentive funding. They have a 100% claim success record with HMRC and have filed over 5,000 claims, delivering over £160million in benefit to their clients.

GovGrant work on a contingency fee basis with companies of all shapes and sizes and look forward to working with you.

To find out more call GovGrant on 01727 738600 or email

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