Government Grant and Tax Consultants (GGTC)

Government Grant and Tax Consultants (GGTC) are pleased to be working with GTMA to provide Research and Development Tax Scheme services as a value add for GTMA members.

GGTC are the largest filers of SME claims to the HMRC and have a 100% track record in providing fully maximised claims to clients which realise the full potential of the relief available for UK limited companies.

Research and development for tax purposes, extends far beyond the common misnomer that R&D is only carried out by companies with R&D departments and people in white lab coats. R&D can extend to process improvements, efficiencies in manufacturing and cost savings, prototyping/ new product development, and even extends to failed projects that never went to market.

GGTC work on a contingency fee basis, where we don’t get paid until you have realised the relief from the Revenue, a truly risk free proposition. In carrying out our work we aim to minimise the impact on your business, allowing you to focus on your day-to-day operations.

Please Click Here For The GGTC Tax Credit Scheme Fact Sheet

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