Public Sector Tendering

tender assist

Tender Assist Ltd is our newest Business Partner which provides personal assistance in helping organisations through public sector tendering.

The Tender Assist approach is to reduce the pressure of this highly intensive and time consuming bidding process by helping its clients through each of the various processes.

Its suite of modular services include:

  • Free Analysis Questionnaire
  • Conducting a full Business Ready Registration audit
  • Completion of Pre-Qualification Questionnaires
  • Completion of Invitations To Tender
  • Creation of Interview Presentations
  • Support at Presentation Interviews
  • Work already begun by GTMA and Tender Assist includes the registering of more than 100 CPV contract codes relating to services provided by GTMA members.

Tender Assist is providing GTMA with a daily monitoring service linked to these contract codes and suitable tenders will be released to members. This means that there will always be contract opportunities available for members to study and bid for, using the services of Tender Assist.

As part of GTMA’s policy of continual improvement in support for our members we are building important strategic links with a range ofbusiness partners.

For further information on our Business Partners please contact the GTMA office on 0121 392 8994

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