Colour coding simplifies tap selection from WNT

WNT has adopted the VDI3323 standard of colour coding and applied it across its range of Mastertool Performance taps. The VDI coding system is already used by WNT across its catalogue to identify tools suitable for specific material groups. By adding either a single or double coloured ring to its taps, users now have a visual confirmation that they are picking the correct tap for the job.


The colours used are Blue (steel, with two rings for steel over 1100N/mm2 tensile strength and up to 1400 N/mm2), Yellow (for Stainless steels), Red (Cast Iron) Green (Aluminium and short chipping brass) Orange (heat resistant steel, titanium, Inconel), White (hardened steel and chilled iron) and purple (general purpose use). With this easy indication system the user can identify the material that the tap is designed to cut and the WNT style of tap (ie HR, NW, HT or UNI). This system should help overcome possible tool breakages caused by the use of the incorrect tap, which can result in expensive rework.

“Selecting an incorrect tap can become an expensive mistake, with tapping often one of the last operations before the workpiece is finished. Rework as a result of a broken tap can be both time consuming and expensive. The ability to quickly identify that the correct tap is being selected for a specific material range with these identifying rings is a quick and simple way of ensuring that the correct tap is selected and eliminating any potential problems,” says Tony Pennington, Managing Director, WNT (UK).