The focus of Award winning Third Dimension at Control this year (Stuttgart, 26-29 April), will be how to effectively integrate inspection into the manufacturing process and how GapGun has the ability to facilitate this.



Third Dimension’s philosophy is that measurement systems are all about helping turn data into information, and then into action to improve production lines in real time. The concept can be applied to all manufacturing industries, especially the automotive, aerospace and energy sectors. If the data collected can be used more dynamically to influence a real-time outcome on the production line, mistakes can be corrected immediately. By doing this, manufacturers could ensure components are the correct size and fit together accurately without compromising the quality, cost or time to complete the build. That’s a key challenge for the engineering world.

So next time you’re measuring that gap, flush, radius, edge break, burr, scratch, or angle, ask yourself if you’re really doing something useful with the data you’re collecting.

Currently being rolled out in a number of Third Dimension’s high profile customer production sites is GapGun Link, an integrated software system. This enables third party applications to create and download check plans and upload and extract results without the need for operators to use GapGun specific SPC3D software. Manufacturers can generate management information reports instantaneously so that action can be taken quickly, minimising errors and down-time on the production line.

Fewer steps in the data management process reduces operator error and the need for extensive training, plus the system makes version control much simpler, and changes can be rolled out from one central point.

GapGun Link compliments Inline View software, previewed at last year’s Control, which delivers real time measurement data and quality management on the production line. This makes for a very flexible solution. Applications of Inline View are now being rolled out to major manufacturers globally, particularly suited to fast paced, high volume production lines. Measurements are taken and instantly displayed on a screen to show whether a particular car has passed quality inspection tests.

John Kane, Chief Business Development Officer of Third Dimension, said: “If you’re working on an engineering project or in a production facility, acting on your measurement data rather than just looking at it is the single biggest way of ensuring you get quality components that are the right size, fit together accurately, reduce waste, save you time and reduce costs. We’re looking forward to discussing this with the industry at Control.”

Control is the top international trade fair for quality assurance at Stuttgart, Messe, Germany, 26-29 April. Third Dimension will be demoing at booth 5130 at the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre.

In previous years at Control, Third Dimension has also showcased the GapGun Pro as the best and most flexible system on the market for speed, ease of use, portability, ruggedness, processing capability, sensors technology, Wi-Fi links and battery capacity. Benefits of the ultra flexible GapGun solution includes:

  • The ability to measure extremely complex features, customisable to measure virtually any surface or shape, including multi-coloured.
  • Total integration with customers’ existing systems and software to facilitate improved processes.
  • Product quality management for manufacturers, using for example Inline view and advanced data logging.
  • Complete autonomy with built in Wi-Fi.
  • A range of VChange measurement sensors that offer 4 different field of view options, which can be interchanged quickly and easily.
  • Uniquely adjustable laser cap to configure a short or split laser line to measure a range of complex features.
  • Rotating sensor heads and removable standoffs for better positioning.
  • Easy to view, high definition colour touch screen, with quick visual guide for the operator.
  • Optimised processing power for fast throughput.
  • Instant data for an enterprise wide impression of how quality is being managed.
  • The ability to view performance without disrupting the operator.

Third Dimension has a long track record of supplying metrology equipment and services to the largest names in aerospace and automotive worldwide, such as Jaguar Landrover and Airbus. It has the capability to help manufacturers around the globe realise the benefits of non-contact measurement and can integrate seamlessly with customers’ own systems.

For more information on Third Dimension please visit stand 5130, hall 5 at Control, or email