Delcam webinars on laser scanning with PowerINSPECT inspection software

Delcam will hold two webinars on 16th June demonstrating the latest developments in laser scanning with the company’s PowerINSPECT inspection software.  The webinars will show how rapidly laser scanning allows millions of points to be gathered, typically providing 75 times as much data as conventional scanning in less than half the time.


Caption: PowerINSPECT now offers improved display of results from point-cloud data

PI 2015 Point Cloud




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The webinars will show how to carry out laser scanning with PowerINSPECT on a range of hardware devices, including FARO and ROMER portable CMMs, and how to extract geometric features from the resulting point-cloud data.  They will also highlight how PowerINSPECT’s exceptional versatility allows data collected with the software’s tactile-probing functionality to be combined with the results from laser scanning.  Advice will be given on how to choose and use the best approach, either laser scanning or probing, to measure different types of geometry.



The 2015 release of PowerINSPECT offers improved display of results from point-cloud data, including a better shaded display of the ‘colour map’, complete with the coloured scale of the tolerances.  As well as making the results simpler to understand, the new format is more consistent with the reports produced by PowerINSPECT from data from other types of measurements.  This makes it easier to compare the results from different devices or measurement methods.


The use of laser scanning has also been made faster with a number of improvements to PowerINSPECT to make both data import and report generation much faster.  The differences will be particularly apparent when reading large CAD models, such as a complete car body, and when producing longer reports with more graphical images.


Another improvement in reporting gives users much greater control over the contents of any report, especially when handing the large amounts of data generated by laser scanning.  For example, it is easier to produce a summary of the complete set of results as a management report.  Similarly, a more concise report can be produced when greater detail is not needed, for example, when all the results are well within the expected tolerances.


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