Embrace the future of British Manufacturing with Autodesk at MACH

Autodesk will be sharing its vision of the Future of British Manufacturing at MACH 2018 with 2019 releases of CAM products, including Autodesk PowerMill and Autodesk FeatureCAM, on stand 600 in Hall 17. Visitors can hear more on the main stage at the MACH Conference where Asif MoghalSenior Industry Manager at Autodesk, will be presenting on the Future of British Manufacturing Initiative.

Since acquiring Delcam in 2014, Autodesk has offered digital solutions that automate and integrate design and manufacturing processes with the latest technology for CAM, additive manufacturing, simulation, robotics and inspection.

With Delcam on board, Autodesk has the manufacturing tools, expertise and support to help its customers to make anything.

In addition to the new releases of PowerShape, PowerInspect and FeatureCAM, Autodesk will also be showing the new additive capabilities in PowerMill 2019. These allow manufacturers to successfully exploit the latest generation of additive and hybrid CNC hardware, driving wire-fed and powder-blown processes. PowerMill continues to offer the most demanding customers the programming tools that they need to produce high-quality NC code and drive subtractive, additive and hybrid manufacturing processes.

Visitors to the Autodesk stand at MACH will be able to see a scaled down sample of the RAMLAB (Rotterdam Additive Manufacturing LAB) propeller that was manufactured using PowerMill additive technology. The Port of Rotterdam’s RAMLAB initiative is a great example of how entire industries can be disrupted by harnessing additive manufacturing technologies in conjunction with traditional manufacturing techniques.

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At the show, attendees will also get the chance to see the technology preview of Autodesk’s new smart manufacturing software, Fusion Production, which combines production planning, job tracking, and machine monitoring by using cloud computing and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).  Whilst not available commercially yet in UK, interested companies will be able to request access to either the pilot or beta program (free software access) by visiting the stand or until the software becomes commercially available.

On the main conference stage on Thursday 12th April, Asif Moghal, Senior Industry Manager at Autodesk, will be talking about the Future of British Manufacturing Initiative, a collaboration between leading UK industry organisations. He will share five practical ways to embrace the future of making things and drive competitive advantage, in an environment where traditional approaches just don’t cut it anymore. Visit the stand or to find out more and become a member.

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Photo caption: The world’s first class-approved 3D printed ship’s propeller.

Photo Credit: Image courtesy of RAMLAB

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