Engis Lapping Solutions for Valve Manufacturers

Superabrasives specialist, Engis UK, offers valve manufacturers a range of lapping solutions, from complete machine systems to lapping plates, accessories and consumables, addressing key production requirements and ensuring that the job is done “right first time”.

Ensuring a good seal is critical to valve manufacture, whether it is a gate, ball or butterfly valve, and the extreme environments in which valves operate can sometimes cause leaks to develop in a system – leading to costly on-site repairs.

For high pressure valves, or those exposed to corrosive gases or fluids, a gasket or O-Ring cannot be used as the sealing approach.  In these cases, where two high precision metal surfaces need to be mated and different surface textures are required to avoid galling, Engis Hyprez Flat Lapping Systems can offer the fit and finish that is required to extend the life of these valves.

For lapping ball valves, Engis has a complete range of diamond compounds, powders, slurries and lubricants, while Engis L compound provides superior cut rates and finishes for a wide range of valve seating applications. In addition, Engis diamond slurries, compounds and lubricants are ideal for the precision polishing of the balls themselves.

Engis works with original seal manufacturers, providing machines, accessories and consumables to repair facilities, as well as offering a hand lapping kit for onsite work in the field.