Esspee: Serving Toolmakers

Esspee Fabrications, established in 1964, is a privately owned supplier, fabricator and machinist of electrical and high temperature insulation materials.

It works closely with the tool- making and moulding industries offering platen, tooling and heat insulation boards; and with press manufacturers and end users needing new insulation panels on thermal moulding presses.

Its extensive services range includes CNC turning, milling and routing; gasket pressing and vacuum forming; and assembly of fabricated parts.

Esspee recognises toolmakers want to work on tools and sees itself as a partner in doing insu- lation panels for the sector “leav-

ing your machines and opera- tors” to work on their projects.

It has over 20 years experience in working alongside GTMA members and as a new member wants to serve more.

Its insulation boards for toolmak- ing and moulding are rated to 285 Deg C. They can be cut as a single piece for tools up to 2440 x 1220mm with thickness- es from 6mm to 25mm, and with a tolerance on thickness of 0.004”.