Fail-safe wedge clamp for press dies

The range of die clamping systems offered by Hitchin-based Roemheld UK for presses and injection moulding machines has been supplemented by a new series of robust, hydraulic wedge clamps that meet the highest safety requirements when fixing upper dies in position.

An additional locking cylinder holds the wedge clamp bolt in position and prevents any inadvertent retraction. Release of the clamp is only possible once the locking mechanism has been opened, ensuring that the upper die remains securely in position even if the hydraulic pressure drops or fails entirely.

The wedge clamp comprises a cylinder block and clamping bolt. Its angled contact surface creates a friction connection with angled die edges. A position control is integrated as a space-saving measure to monitor the clamping and release positions as well as the status of the locking mechanism. A notification is issued if there is no die.

Roemheld wedge clamps can be adjusted to suit customer requirements. The standard range includes seven designs with clamping forces from 25 to 630 kN and cylinder dimensions of between 25 and 125 mm. Clamping strokes from 15 to 36 mm are available and maximum operating pressure is 350 bar.

If the clamps are to be used for high temperature processes up to 300°C, special heat resistant designs are available. In addition, there are versions for straight die edges as well as models with clamping forces of up to 1,250 kN and even higher retention forces. Further options include permanent lubrication and multi-layer, wear resistant coatings for the bolt and housing.

The latest wedge clamp design promotes cost-effective parts production, high machine availability and short delivery times. As existing dies can often be modified for wedge clamping by the introduction of wedge bars, the elements are also suitable for retrofitting.

Products for swapping dies including manual and powered changing carts, roller bars and powered carrying consoles complete the range.