Faro releases next generation laser trackers

Faro has announced the release of the next generation of laser trackers, the 6DoF Vantage product family with 6Probe.

In 2015, Faro disrupted the large CMM market with the Super 6DoF TrackArm solution that integrated the Faro Vantage tracker and the FaroArm. This patented solution is capable of measuring or scanning over tens of meters with no loss in accuracy, no line of sight issues and simultaneous measurement by many operators.

Faro has now introduced the 6Probe, a fully integrated hand-held probe for easily probing hidden, hard-to-reach features in hard-to-reach locations. Together, the TrackArm super 6DoF and the 6Probe offer a complete solution portfolio for every measurement need, large and small. This new functionality addresses a wide range of large scale metrology applications across a variety of manufacturing focused industries including automotive, aerospace, construction, heavy equipment and shipbuilding.

Simon Raab PhD, CEO and early innovator in portable, adaptable 3D measurement, said: “We challenge anyone in the industry to dispute this statement of fact: the patented Faro Super 6DoF and 6Probe total solution is the most complete, most adaptable metrology platform that manufacturers will ever need. Whatever you assemble or manufacture, large or small, easy or hard to reach, complex or simple this platform can meet your needs with the best value combination of performance and price.”

The 6DoF Faro Vantage product family includes two high performance models, the VantageE6 with an operating range of 35m and the VantageS6 with an operating range of 80m. Both are tested to rigorous International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards for shock, vibration and extreme thermal conditions and are IP52 rated for dust and water resistance.

Based on 30+ years of Faro experience in delivering high value metrology-grade solutions, exhaustive internal testing and feedback from a cross section of tenured metrology professionals, the accuracy and dynamic measurement capability delivered by the 6Probe reliably addresses the overwhelming majority of large-volume 3D measurement challenges. In combination with the Super 6DoF, which can achieve even higher accuracies, the Vantage platform now meets every need. The high performance value proposition of the new Vantage 6DoF platform with Super 6DOF and 6Probe will facilitate broader adoption of laser trackers, making integrated, total quality available to all industries.

Both Vantage models include ActiveSeek functionality with wide-angle viewing, which allows users to confidently move from one location to the next without concern. This improves general productivity by allowing users to start the actual measurement process faster and makes sophisticated 3D measurement accessible to all.