Faulkner Moulds is a Finalist for the 2019 UK ‘Toolmaker of the Year’ Award!

Faulkner Moulds is a finalist at the 2019 UK Plastics Industry Awards, in the category of ‘Supplier Partnership: Toolmaker’, shortlisted for creating a complex twin shot medical device tool, that successfully moulded usable products at the T1 trial.

Twice winner of the prestigious Award in 2016 and 2018, it is the fourth consecutive year that the Yorkshire-based plastic injection mould toolmaker has been shortlisted for it. The award focuses on how the Toolmaker successfully works in partnership with their customer to achieve the customer’s objectives.

St Davids Assemblies, based in South Wales, commissioned Faulkner Moulds to manufacture a 2+2 impression twin shot tool for an oral medical device, to create a more streamlined manufacturing process, enhance the product quality and ensure all the stringent product objectives and features continued to be met.

Glen Wells, General Manager at St Davids Assemblies, said, “I was very impressed with Faulkner Moulds’ thoroughness in terms of technical detail during the design process – it really stood out”.

Faulkner Moulds used the precision of their machining technology to produce highly accurate shut-off faces and split lines, to within 2 to 5 microns. This not only eliminated the traditional manual fitting process, but also successfully produced usable products at the T1 trial.

Previously, two overmoulding tools had been used. Faulkner Moulds’ new single, twin shot, high-volume production tool, is guaranteed for 1 million cycles and is designed to double the production rate.

The team pulled out all the stops and completed the tool over a week ahead of deadline.

Glen Wells said, “We are very happy with the product from the T1 trial. The parts are usable and this is rare in a T1 trial of this complexity. We had exceptional customer service throughout the whole project and the support was second to none – we could not ask for more.”