Free CAD file downloads available for all WDS components

When working on a new design project, one of the greatest hurdles to building a successful prototype and getting the product to market can be finding components which fit with the overall design. Manufacturing bespoke components is often far too costly and drawing CAD files for each potential part too time consuming.

Fortunately, WDS, the UK’s largest manufacturer and distributor of standard parts and machine accessories offers free CAD file downloads for more than 15,000 products online.

Using the free, online WDS CAD file download facility, users are able to access 2D and 3D CAD drawings in all popular formats for every one of the part numbers featured in the latest catalogue. This allows design engineers and OEMs to specify the ideal component prior to purchase, saving time and reducing the risk of spending budget on unsuitable parts. To make things even easier, there are no small order surcharges when ordering through WDS; meaning small quantities, or one-off orders, can be fulfilled cost effectively to satisfy the demands of prototype builds and testing.

Chris Putman, WDS Sales and Marketing Director, comments: “Some people ask, ‘is giving away your CAD drawings a business risk?’ The way we see it is unless a company already manufactures similar components then, once our component has been specified with the design, why would they bother sourcing an alternative, bespoke, solution when we probably already have it in stock? It’s simply an added value service that WDS offers to assist customers to specify accurately at the prototype design stage.

“When we first started the service we used to supply the files on CDs as requested. However we found that even this was too slow in today’s internet driven workplace. Now this service is available online to all registered users with the added benefit that the drawings are always the latest version.”