Export Hub

The International Trade Portal offers comprehensive data on the biggest markets in your industry – and the fastest growing. Import and export flows gives you a full picture of where your product is in demand.

Access to the Lloyds web-based market analysis is simple to use and provides some key summary data based on input of product and destination country.

The top level information is available without any requirement to provide any personal information.  Drilling down on any of the detail requires registration/login, which takes a few seconds to do.

Lloyds confirm that they will not use this as a route to marketing, sending a simple email asking for verification of sign-in.

Once logged in; the user can click through on summary data and charts to examine more detailed analysis including current regulation relating to specified products/services and country.  This is a great starting point in establishing market potential and links to helpful organisations and management of shipments.  The website menu bar provides access to other Lloyds banking services for those wishing to enquire.

This is a user-friendly data driven business tool providing extensive current market data and guidance, “lifting the barrier to exporting”.

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