GTMA Export Hub

The International Trade Portal offers comprehensive data on the biggest markets in your industry – and the fastest growing. Import and export flows gives you a full picture of where your product is in demand.

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While exporting can be difficult, the chance to dip one’s toes in the international marketplace and the potential of new revenue streams makes the task very appealing to companies of all sizes. The Export Hub can assist and advise on;

Key Issues:

  • Understanding the Marketplace and Channels to Market
  • Cultural Fit
  • Finance
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Strategy – the Bigger Picture

Support Available:

  • Free Initial Conversation
  • Market Assessments
  • Partner Identification and Initial Contact
  • Visit Planning and Coordination
  • Problem Solving

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When you operate in overseas markets you need to ensure you get paid – and on time

What is URICASH Export?

Expand and finance your exports by securing your credit terms abroad. Negotiate the payment terms that suit both you and your international customers.

Use URICASH Export to benefit from secure accelerated payment and to offer more competitive payment terms to your overseas customers.

URICASH Export provides you with cash and never asks for personal guarantees or security; it’s as if your overseas customer has paid you.

URICA pays you on your invoice due date and collects payment from your overseas customer at the agreed settlement date. And you can choose on which invoices you use URICA. This is what makes it different from invoice factoring and discounting.

Urica Export Brochure