GTMA Members Waveney Precision are expanding

New staff have been added to an already experienced workshop plus a new 5-axis milling machine has been added to its existing line-up of Milling, Turning, and EDM technology. The DMU 50 is from DMG MORI’s DMU series of universal machining centres.

Waveney Precision Business Development Manager Jamie Walker said, “We endeavour to be highly receptive to our customers’ needs. Over the previous year we were getting more and more requests for machined parts that suited 5 axis machining and even though with our expert team of engineers we managed to produce 80% of these parts using 3 and 4 axis machines, we will now use this new milling centre to improve our productivity and increase our capabilities.’’

With customers from the F1 industry and many other areas including Oil & Gas, pushing for faster and faster lead times, especially for high precision parts the next clear step for Waveney was to increase capacity but to also develop our ability to machine more and more complex parts. The addition of extra staff and new high end machines is helping Waveney Precision to achieve this and more.

The new machine is known for its stability, is made from a single casting, and includes advanced software and 60 sensors that monitor its operations. Digital software provides the capability to program complex machining cycles at a much faster rate and table tilt gives 5-axis capability. The DMU 50 handles all materials from Aluminium, Stainless Steels, Titanium and super alloys.

Waveney Precision have a very high skill set and will get maximum use and value out of this purchase. They have two other milling machines with 4th axis and two Turn/Mill Centres in their CNC machining section and 4 Mitsubishi Wirecut and 2 Ingersol Die Sinkers in their Electro Discharge Machining department. All the above using the latest offline programming, allowing all 3D and drawing files to be accepted from their customers.

Given customer demand, the low unemployment rate, equipment like this with a lot of automation capabilities is a wise investment and making parts this way enables Waveney Precision to deliver highly accurate jobs faster enabling customers more complex parts to be manufactured in ‘one hit’.

The applications for this machine span the multiple industries Waveney Precision serves, including formula 1, aerospace, automotive, medical and oil & gas. The increased capabilities it enables are allowing Waveney Precision to expand their client base and bring additional economic activity to East Anglia.